Crawling Towards Fascism

  • Filip Erdeljac
Keywords: Ustaša Movement, Fascism, Nationalism, WWII


This article seeks to revise the commonly held scholarly assumption about the supposed incompatibility of the Croat Peasant Party and the Ustaša Movement. While important differences existed between the two organisations, they also had much in common. This article considers the areas in which they overlapped while also examining the extent to which both groups displayed certain Fascist tendencies. Moving beyond the popular notion that the Ustaša Movement was comprised of a fringe group of radicals who enjoyed no popular support, this article analyses the proclamations of many non-elite Croat nationalists who simultaneously supported both the Ustaša and the Croat Peasant Party.

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Erdeljac, Filip. 2017. “Crawling Towards Fascism”. S: I.M.O.N. Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation. 4 (2), 30-47.