Survival in the Ghetto of Moghilev-Podolsky

A Microhistorical Inquiry


  • Julie Dawson University of Vienna, Institute for Contemporary History



Transnistria, Romania, Bukovina


The ghetto of Moghilev-Podolsky was the largest in Romanian-controlled Transnistria. Despite this, no study devoted exclusively to this ghetto exists to this day. In the present article I take a microhistorical approach to illuminate aspects of ghetto life and probe the experience of the individual. Framed around the narrative of one man’s oral history held at the Fortunoff Archive of Holocaust Testimonies, I follow the stations of passage within the ghetto, seeking to highlight those places where agency engendered survival and where circumstances overtook any control an individual may have held.




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Dawson, Julie. 2022. “Survival in the Ghetto of Moghilev-Podolsky: A Microhistorical Inquiry”. S: I.M.O.N. Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation. 9 (1):79-93.